With the summer sun shining bright on us, many homeowners have already tuned up their air conditioner. While some choose to install a new air conditioner, others may be considering replacing their current system with a ductless air conditioner system.

But is ductless air condition the right choice for your home?

What is Ductless Air Conditioner?

A ductless air conditioner consists of two primary parts, the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit. Similar to the regular air conditioner, the indoor unit is responsible to siphons the heat and circulate the air, while the outdoor unit vents heat out of the house.

However, unlike centralize AC, ductless air conditioners are able to cool one room at a time. The indoor unit is installed directly inside the room it serves and is often put up on one of the walls. This allows the unit to cool the room effectively. A single outdoor unit can share up to four indoor units. This makes it easy to cool the whole house conveniently.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioner

There are plenty of benefits associated with ductless air conditioners. So if you are thinking to install new air conditioner, choose the ductless system.

  • Eliminate the Air Ducts

    The first and most important reason why you should invest in a ductless system is that it eliminates the need for air ducts. Going ductless this summer comes with an advantage that you don’t need to deal with the installation of air ducts. Along with eliminating the hassle, ductwork HVAC systems can be inefficient as the air can easily escape some areas of the ducts, especially if they are not properly installed.

    Did you know air loss from ductworks accounts for about 30 percent of the energy loss? Ductless systems are more efficient.

  • Whole House Comfort

    Not everyone in the house is happy with a single temperature. While some people may be feeling hot, others may be shivering in the cold temperature. This is when a ductless system helps everyone enjoy a comfortable temperature.

    As a ductless system come with build in zone control and multiple units being put across the home, it becomes easier to customize the temperature of each room. Each indoor unit has its own handle and a built-in thermostat which makes it easy to choose a temperature according to one’s preferences.

  • Eliminate Efficiency Loss

    As the system does not use air ducts, there is no chance the cooled air will leak out of the house. This eliminates energy loss, thus increasing the efficiency of the system. As the cool air is blown directly into the room, there is no loss of energy.

  • Installing a new System is Quick

    When you want to install a new air conditioner, you can expect the installation to last many days. But not with a ductless system as the installation of a new system can be completed in a few hours.

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