Protect Your Family and Home From Dry Winter Air


Maintaining proper heat is not the only aspect of indoor air comfort during the winter months. One of the least understood air quality methods is “humidification” or the process of adding moisture into the air. The reality is that properly controlled humidity offers some really amazing health, and comfort benefits, especially here in Utah during the dry cold winter months.

Automatically Deliver The Perfect Amount Of Moisture Into Your Home

The Aprilaire Whole Home Indoor Humidifier from Lee’s Heating and Air is the best way to control the damaging effects to both you and your home caused by the dry winter air.

Health Benefits Of a Humidifier

Did you know that increasing the humidity levels in your home can decrease the possibility of getting colds, the flu, and other respiratory problems caused by lower humidity levels?

  • Better Health

    In fact, certain viruses flourish in a low humidity environment. Allergies and asthma can also be prevalent in a dry environment. It can also make you more susceptible to infection. That’s why many physicians and other medical specialists will recommend humidity control in your home to combat regular occurrences of these symptoms.

  • Safe Electronics

    Clothes are not the only victim of static electricity. A spark of static can damage your electronic devices. Humidifiers help keep static electricity at bay.

  • Long-Lasting Furniture

    In homes that are extremely dry, paint and wallpaper can be affected by the dry air. By having some moisture in the air can help you increase the life of the expensive textured job that you paid for.

  • Reduce Snoring

    Increasing the amount of moisture in the air can also help you reduce snoring. Adding humidity to the air may help relieve some symptoms of snoring.

    There are also many comfort factors affected by the dry winter air. Bloody noses, dry mouth, dry itchy eyes, a sore throat, cracked or itchy skin, and painful static shocks are all normal occurrences from the dry winter air.

An Aprilaire Whole Home Humidifier Can Provide Comfort And Save You Money

The Aprilaire whole home humidifier provides the perfect amount of moisture into your home.

Did you know that as you add moisture to your home, you can actually lower your thermostat and maintain the same level of comfort you currently are experiencing?

The EPA reports that each degree you lower your thermostat during the winter can result in about a 4% decrease in energy costs.

Your whole home humidifier is installed with a humidistat so you can easily monitor and adjust the moisture in the air. A humidifier does not require a lot of special maintenance and the trained air control specialists at Lee’s Heating and Air can easily check and maintain your humidifier at the time of your regular furnace maintenance in the late fall.

Aprilaire first introduced whole home humidifiers back in 1954 and today offers one of the most comprehensive line of whole home humidity solutions in the industry.

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