Duct Cleaning Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

Having your air ducts cleaned is a task that can go completely overlooked for years mostly due to the fact that all the allergens and pollutants that collect in your ducts are rarely ever seen. However, if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, you may consider choosing home duct cleaning services.

Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning now offers a unique home duct cleaning service far beyond what you have ever seen before. The build-up of dirt is pushed through your duct work and into an air tight collection unit with the use of our unique state-of-the-art Hypervac system.


Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Air pollutants in your home are nearly inevitable. They can originate from everyday life activities such cooking, burning candles, smoking and even from pets or simply living in a dusty area. If you have specific respiratory concerns for yourself or your family such as asthma, mold or allergies you should have your ducts inspected and cleaned regularly to assure better air quality.

Lee’s Heating and Air, one of the best air duct cleaning companies in Utah, suggests you take certain considerations when determining if your ducts require cleaning.

  • Dust

    Do you see a small initial puff of dust coming out of the air registers when you switch on the HVAC system? It may be signs that the air ducts need to be cleaned.

  • Odor

    Another telltale signs that there may be debris lurking inside the ducts is odor. Have an HVAC technician take a look inside the air ducts to check for trapped debris.

  • Mildew

    Did you just saw black or brown mildew growing on the air registers? Call the HVAC technician immediately.

  • Clogged Air Filters

    Another sign of dust and debris build up in and around your HVAC system is a filthy air filter. Changing the air filters at regular intervals is important.

  • Uneven Air Flow

    Are you experiencing uneven air flow in certain rooms? This may be caused by dust and debris blockages forming inside the air duct system.

  • Your Home Gets Dusty

    Do you often experience a thick layer of dust accumulating on surfaces even when you have thoroughly cleaned up the home? It may be a sign to call the HVAC expert.

  • Poor Respiratory Health

    The first sign of clogged air ducts appears in your respiratory system. If you are experiencing fatigue, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, increased asthma attacks, it’s time to choose home air duct cleaning companies.


Lee’s Heating and Air now offers a unique home duct cleaning service far beyond what you have ever seen before. The build-up of dirt is pushed through your ductwork and into an airtight collection unit with the use of our unique state-of-the-art Hypervac system.

At Lee’s, we use Revolution Hybrid Duct Vacuum, which is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Remodeling, Moving Homes – Duct Cleaning is Important

If you have never had your ducts cleaned or if you are just moving into a new home, duct cleaning should be at the top of your list of things to do.

Without a detailed history of the home there are countless pollutants that you and your family could potentially be breathing in such as pet dander, smoke, and other allergens. In the case that you are remodeling any part of your home, you should schedule for your ducts to be cleaned once the renovations have ceased in order to guarantee that any dust created by the construction does not settle in your ducts.


Found all this in one duct cleaning job :)


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Lee’s certified technicians can perform the cleaning at any time of year. Unlike other duct cleaning services, at Lee’s you don’t have to worry about leaving your doors open during the winter due to the unique Hypervac system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first call you make when you discover pests in your home should be to your exterminator, but the second one should be to Lee’s for air duct cleaning services. If you have mice in your home — which is common in the fall and winter in Salt Lake City, Provo or other surrounding areas— their droppings could contain hantavirus, which can be fatal in humans. It is transmitted through the air, so mouse droppings in or near your air ducts could be spreading a deadly virus throughout your home every time your furnace or AC kicks on. 

Similarly, cockroach droppings and parts can exacerbate allergies, asthma and other breathing disorders such as COPD, cystic fibrosis and emphysema. Other allergens that can find their way into your air ducts include pollen, pet dander and mold. Air duct cleaning can get rid of these contaminants. 

Air duct cleaning is much less messy than not getting your air ducts cleaned. Whatever dust and other substances are in your air ducts gets blown around your home every time your fan comes on, coating your furniture with dust, making more work for you. Next time you dust your shelves and tables, think about all the dust settling on your upholstered furniture, carpets, curtains and drapes that you can’t see as easily. 

When we do air duct cleaning, we blast all the dust, dirt and contaminants out of the ducts into a trash bag. But we close or block off your vents first, so that we are not blowing the dirt around your home. 

You may think that because you have a forced hot air system, that keeps your air ducts clean. In some ways it can, but the equipment we use to clean air ducts is much more powerful than your furnace fan, and that’s how it gets your ducts cleaner. 

There may be some homeowners in for whom air duct cleaning may not make as much difference as for others. The people for whom air duct cleaning is most worth is are those who prioritize a clean home, those who may be sensitive to dust and other contaminants, and those who place a high importance on upkeep of their home systems.  With offices in Salt Lake City and American Fork, we can get one of our expert technicians to your home quickly to give you an honest assessment as to whether you should look into air duct cleaning for your home.   

This is a common misperception in part due to the Environmental Protection Agency saying that air duct cleaning has not been proven to reduce health problems. However, the National Institutes of Health study most often referred to is not a study of health problems, but of particulates in the air. Further, in this study, it was shown that among the three methods of air duct cleaning — brushing, vacuuming and using compressed air to blow out the contaminants — the compressed air method is the only one that reduces particulates.