Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, let’s face it, all this mumbo-jumbo talk about furnaces, A/C, hybrid units, etc.–who really understands all this stuff? Hi, I’m Betty, and I know from being married to Tony (the owner of Lee’s) for many years that people just need really straight-forward answers to their questions, and not someone talking over their head. That is why I wanted to create the “Ask Betty” section of the Lee’s Heating and Air website. I have thoughtfully put together a number of questions that I would want to know if I wasn’t married to an HVAC guy. If you don’t find an answer to your question, e-mail me and I will get back to you with an answer.

Please read following FAQs:

First check that power is on, the breaker is not tripped, change filter (make sure it is not dirty— change 1x/ two months). Check to see if your pilot light is still lit. A simple test is to make your furnace room is as dark as possible. Then, you can look through the front of the furnace, and if you see a slight glow then chances are your pilot light is lit. Your furnace may have instructions for how to re-start or even diagnose your furnace. Please make sure to follow instructions closely. Once you have followed these steps and you furnace still doesn’t come on, please give us a call at 800-470-4812.
The first check your breaker in your panel to see if it has tripped. This will instantly turn off your A/C. This is a common occurrence since your A/C can often draw a tremendous amount of power. Turn the breaker back on. If the breaker trips again, leave in the off position, and call Lee’s immediately. Check your to be sure that air is blowing out of your vents. If it is not, go to your furnace, check your filter, and check for white ice on black copper pipe. Note: if filter was dirty and white ice was present on copper pipe, replace the filter then go to thermostat and turn the a/c OFF, and turn the fan switch from auto to ON. Leave fan ON for one hour, this will defrost the unit. Once completed turn a/c ON and fan switch to auto position.

Please note, you don’t ever want to touch the wires on your A/C unit as most units run 220V, and this can be fatal if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have tried these steps and your A/C still doesn’t come up, please give us a call at 801-747-LEES.

Your furnace should be checked yearly. It is best to have it looked at before the onset of winter. However, in most cases we can fine-tune and greatly improve the performance of your furnace at any time, even in the dead of winter. We run a detailed diagnostic test, check for gas leaks, check for carbon monoxide, etc. and this all adds up to saving you money. Call us now at 801.-747- LEES (5337) to put the green sticker on your furnace and save some green as well!
In order for us to diagnose the problem of your unit, a/c or furnace, we must send out one of our certified-trained technicians. There is a $69 diagnostic fee. At that point, our technicians will then be able to give you a quote for the total cost to repair, including labor, of any problems that he has found.
No, not necessarily. It a may mean a number of things. Your filter may be dirty, or your blower wheel may have become really dirty thus restricting air flow. Be sure and check all intake vents or returns are not obstructed. Give us a call at 1-800-470-4812 and we can have one of our friendly representatives assist you shortly.
Due to the cost of utilities, your a/c should be serviced once a year. As a result of a properly tuned a/c, you will save money on your utility bills. In order to properly perform a tune-up on your a/c, the outdoor temperature should be above 65 degrees (Fahrenheit).
Changing your air filter is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life and efficiency of your furnace. Most people forget and don’t do it. Dust gathers and gets on the condenser and can ultimately ruin your furnace. We have a service package where we come out on a quarterly basis, replace your filters and do a routine maintenance check.
The pilot light is designed to be a safety device. If it goes out after the furnace turns on, your furnace needs IMMEDIATE attention. Call Lee’s now. 801-747-LEES (5337).
We are always accepting resumes for installers and technicians, both commercial and residential. if interested please send to Identify if you have more experience in residential work or commercial. When we are looking to fill a position, we will go through the resumes we have on file.
Since each home is so different, and has its own characteristics, it is difficult to give a price without looking at the area in which the furnace would be installed in. You also have so many different options that can specifically meet the needs of your family as well as your budget. Our sales representatives are willing to come out to your home or business, and provide an evaluation and free estimate. Call to schedule your appointment with one of our coordinators at 800-470-4812.