Is your air conditioner making strange noises? Is it more than 10 years old? Are you considering replacing it? Before you choose to replace it, call the Home AC Service providers and get it checked.

With the summer upon us, air conditioners become a necessity. Wouldn’t you want the air conditioner to keep you comfortable through the summer? But if your air conditioner is struggling, we have got you some signs that will help you decide whether it’s time to replace the air conditioner or you should choose home ac service.

• Age of the Air Conditioner:- The average life span of an air conditioner is 10 to 15 years. Is your AC 10 years old or more? If so, it is probably nearing its end of life. Over time, even well maintained air conditioners lose its efficiency. Moreover, cooling your home during summer can cost you about 40 to 60 percent of the utility bills. So the last thing on your mind will be to waste money on repairs and utility bills when you can invest in a new and more efficient system.

Apart from age, there’s another reason to replace your existing air conditioner. Older units often use refrigerant R22 which is no longer being produced today. Moreover, the price of R22 has skyrocketed over the years. So if you own an old air conditioner which uses R22 as refrigerant, you have got a problem. It is worth replacing the unit now.

• Is It Making Weird Noises? 

Air conditioner compressors often make a noise which is not loud or noticeable. However, if of late, you have started experiencing a constant roll, rattle, or shake sound from your air conditioner this could imply that it’s time to change the unit. Strange noises coming out of your air conditioner could mean a number of different things. From loose bolt to something sticking in the system, a majority of noises can be repaired by the professionals to keep your system working fine for a long time.

But if the noise keeps on increasing over time, along with some other noises such as rattling or grinding, it could be a sign of wear and tear or an aging motor. Call your HAVC professional and ask their opinion. Can they offer home ac service to treat the strange noises or should the unit be replaced?

• Are Your Utility Bills Going Up?

Have you compared the last energy bills? Have you seen a fluctuation in the bills and is it constantly going up? The general cost of living means bills going up and scorching Utah summer means you will be using your air conditioner more and incurring more cost.

But if the energy bills are increasing out of proportion, this could be a sign of an inefficient and aging unit. Increased energy bills when combined with an aging system will give you a fair idea of whether you need to replace the ac or get it repaired.

• Are You Spending a Lot of Money On Home Ac Service?
How do you define spending too much money on home ac service? Well, there’s getting the system tuned-up once every six months and then there’s repairing the system once every month or even twice. That’s too much. If you are shelling out more than $250 on ac repair work, it may be time you rethink your decision.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars every other week on the repair services, it is recommended that you choose to replace your system. While initially, you may not feel like spending more money on replacement instead of repair, in the long run, it will be the right decision.
A new, energy efficient air conditioner will give you peace of mind while helping you save on energy bills.

• Does Your Unit Need Repair Services Frequently?
This is another question to ask yourself before choosing between repair and replacement. Getting the ac repaired several times makes you psychologically prone to more repairs. You often think that you have invested a lot of money on repairs and can’t afford to replace the system and waste all the money you have put in to repair it.

The problem is that the money has already been spent and can’t come back to you. If you keep on doing the repairs, no matter how small or big, you will be spending more money on your old worn out system. Moreover, if the ac keeps on giving problems, you are going to invest in a new system soon. So, why not today?

• Is Your Air Conditioner Unable to Maintain the Required Temperature?
One of the most common signs of an ailing and aging air conditioner is inconsistent temperature. If you are constantly changing the temperature or confused between wearing a sweater or a t-shirt, the air conditioner may not be working properly.

If your home cannot achieve a stable temperature and never seem cool enough, that’s a sure sign that something is definitely wrong. Inconsistent cooling or lack of cooling is reliable signs that it’s the right time to replace your air conditioner.

So if you are not comfortable with your air conditioner and want to get a second opinion on whether you should invest in a new system or opt for home ac service, get in touch with us.
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