Winter in Utah can leave you freezing. This is why the furnace is really important to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. One of the easiest and efficient ways to keep your furnace working in its best condition is to change the furnace filters at regular intervals.
Ideally, the air filters must be checked every month and replaced every 3 months. If the surface of the furnace filters has darkened, replace it immediately. Having pets, smoking indoors requires the filters to be changed more frequently.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider changing the filters often.

  • Increased Energy Bills

    Dirty air filters can lead to high energy bills. Furnace filters are responsible to filter the air that enters the system. The filters are responsible to prevent dust, particles, allergens, and other airborne impurities to enter the HVAC system.

    Replacing the filters at regular intervals help run the furnace more efficiently. When filters are not clogged with dust or debris, the furnace can work efficiently to pull air into the system. So make sure you change the air filter to stay warm.

  • Poor Air Quality

    Probably the most dangerous consequence of dirty air filters is the polluted air that circulates inside your home. Clogged air filters not only obstruct the amount of air but also release the allergens, dust particles, and other impurities into the home.

    An old filter reduces the quality of air in a home and it can become a struggle for people who live with allergies to breathe properly. People who struggle with allergies or respiratory problems should replace their furnace filter every month.

  • Reduced Lifespan of the Appliance

    Apart from higher energy bills and poor indoor air quality, clogged furnace filters can also reduce the lifespan of the appliance. One of the biggest problems homeowners can experience is furnace overheating. As dirty filters cause the furnace to overwork to keep the house at a comfortable temperature, the appliance can overheat from exertion.

    An overheated furnace also runs the risk of starting a fire or causing a major problem. It is important to make sure the filters are changed regularly to keep the home and your loved ones safe.

The furnace is important to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the freezing winter months. However, if the furnace is not maintained properly, it can become hazardous. Keeping the furnace filters clean will not only help you reduce your energy bills but also increase the efficiency of the furnace.

Is It Time To Change The Filters?

Not sure if it’s the right time to change the furnace filters?
Here are a few signs that indicate that it’s time to replace the filters.

  • Do you notice dust around the air vents?
  • Is your family experiencing unexplained congestion?
  • Do you smell a musty odor in your home?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, it is recommended to get your system serviced right now. Keeping the furnace working in the best conditions will make sure your home is kept warm and comfortable throughout the winter.

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