No one wants to come home on a cold winter night to find their furnace has stopped working unexpectedly. It is every homeowner’s nightmare. With winters just around the corner, you want to be prepared, right?

For a majority of homeowners, taking care of the heating and cooling system is not a priority. We often choose furnace repair when it’s too late and will be waiting for the HVAC technician to do some miracle to save the furnace. This is an experience which is not fun for anybody. If you are concerned about your furnace, today we will list out a few tips that will help you extend the life of your furnace and enjoy an even temperature throughout the home.

Programmable Thermostat

A furnace that overworks ought to have a shorter lifespan owing to the wear and tear it will experience. While you may be enjoying a comfortable temperature throughout the home, overworking diminishes the furnace’s longevity.

If you often forget to turn the furnace down, programmable thermostats can help manage the furnace usage without the error. Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways to control the usage of the furnace. It allows homeowners to set a predefined schedule to adjust the home temperature based on your usage and the time you are around.

Replace the Air Filters

One of the most important steps of furnace repair is to replace or clean the air filters. If the air filters look dirty or old, it’s time to replace them. Neglected air filters often drain the life out of the furnace.

When the air filters are covered with dirt, the furnace needs to work much harder to move the air. Moreover, as less air is moving through the system as the filters are covered with dirt and dust, the furnace needs to run longer than required to reach the optimal temperature. By cleaning or changing the air filters regularly, you allow the furnace to work properly without obstructions.

Regular Maintenance

To avoid getting stuck on a chilly winter night without a furnace, it is recommended that you choose a furnace repair service at regular intervals. When you get the furnace tuned up, the HVAC technicians run through an extensive checklist to ensure that any problem that can arise in the future is eliminated.

Air Leaks

Air leak from the home is considered as one of the reasons why the furnace needs to work harder. Not only does it drain warm air but also push the furnace to work harder and longer to maintain the temperature.

Air leak is possible from the windows, bathroom, front door, kitchen vents, basement intrusions or any small gaps present across the home. One of the best ways to avoid air leaks is to weatherstrip or caulks the windows and doors.

Schedule a Furnace Repair Now

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