The snowstorm has been hitting hard and it is your home that is bound to suffer. One of the most common complaints Utah homeowners have is frozen pipes. While frozen pipes are not just annoying but can end up causing expensive damage as the pipes can crack or burst.

A frozen pipe is often one of the major plumbing issue homeowners’ faces as the temperature dips below freezing. There are several signs that can reveal a frozen pipe. Some of the signs to watch out for include:

  • Lack of water coming from the faucet
  • Pipes covered in an icy residue
  • Pipes executing unusual sounds
  • Cracked pipes, leaks and damp walls

Here are a few tips to prevent home pipes from freezing.

  • Carry out Plumbing Check

    Before the onset of winters, make sure to get your pipes checked by a professional plumber. A plumber will look at the entire system inside out and will help you locate the areas which are most likely to cause a problem in the upcoming months.

    It is often difficult to find the problem area when you are dealing with frozen pipes. However, if a plumber has already checked, it becomes easier to locate the problem. Most frozen pipes are often in an attic, basement, crawl spaces or exterior walls. This is because these areas are not insulated.

  • Use the Heating

    Make sure to keep the thermostat set to the same temperature both during the day and the night. Also, remember to opt for heating and cooling repair service to maintain your system in the best shape.

    Moreover, if you are going on a vacation, make sure to leave the heat on in your home. Set the temperature to no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Hire the experts offering the best heating and cooling repair service to keep your HVAC system working at its maximum efficiency.

  • Insulate the Pipes

    Exterior wall piping is often the most overlooked area. Many builders are choosing not to place pipes in the exterior wall because of the issue with the freezing water. However, if you have pipes in the exterior walls, make sure you have insulated the walls. You can also insulate the piping within crawl spaces.

    You can easily identify whether a pipe has poor insulation by checking the water flow. As the cold weather sets in the flow of water reduce. This is because water begins to freeze inside the pipes. Insulating the pipes will not only reduce the risk of frozen pipes but also help you save money on heating bills.

  • Disconnect The Hose

    During summer, you are likely to have a hose attached to the exterior wall. Do you have an outdoor tap? While it may be perfect to water the lawn during summer, it can end up causing trouble in winter.

    When the temperature is dropping, make sure to disconnect those hose. Also, remember to shut off value to empty pipes fully.

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