If you live in the greater Salt Lake area, chances are this happened to you last night. With temperatures dropping to around 40 degrees, you almost certainly had your furnace kick on during the night or early this morning. Was there a funny smell? Did you hear any strange sounds? If strange and unusual things were happening with regards to your furnace, then you probably want to take advantage of the early bird furnace tune-up from Lee’s Heating and Air.

Don’t be fooled though. The things you really want to be more concerned with are the things you can’t smell or hear. That is why it is so important that once a year you have a professional tune-up and service inspection done by an HVAC specialist. Right now at Lee’s, that tune up will only cost you $59, and includes a full 17-point inspection to make sure everything is working properly. Not only is it a safe and responsible thing to do, but it will help add to the life of your furnace and help your furnace run more efficiently saving you money on gas and electric bills this winter.

When it comes to your furnace inspection, having someone who is a well educated expert makes a lot of sense. Lee’s Heating and Air requires each of our service technicians to participate in regular comprehensive training and education sessions to stay up with the latest and most advanced techniques in the business. Modern furnaces have become quite sophisticated and you want to be able to trust your families safety in the hands of someone who really knows what they are doing.

A 17-point furnace inspection is a great way to make sure your furnace is working perfectly and ready to take on another winter. The last thing you want to have happen is to have your furnace not working when the really extreme cold weather hits. Call to schedule your early bird $59 inspection today at (801) 747-LEES (5337) or just fill in the form on the right and we’ll call you.