It seems like every time you are driving through the Salt Lake Valley or taking a short drive down I-15 you are bound to see one of the hundreds of HVAC company vans driving down the highway on their way to their next appointment.  I’m often asked which company is the best one to hire?  People ask me about online classified sites and hiring cheap labor contractors on craigslist or  The fact is, this is a very risky approach when it comes to servicing your furnace or central air conditioning system.

Companies like Lee’s Heating and Air not only have highly trained and certified technicians but they have regular weekly training where they are able to address new products available to make your system run more effectively and efficiently, trends in the industry, and ways to insure that you (the consumer) are getting the best quality and value when a technician visits your home.  Independent technicians never receive this type of additional training or support from other more experienced or advanced technicians like you get when you work with a quality team, like the staff at Lee’s.

Companies like Lee’s Heating and Air also utilize proper screening and background checks on the service staff since these are people that are coming into your home and their reputation as a company hinges on the character and integrity of the individual who is sent to work on your job.  Small one-man operations cannot always guarantee this.

Companies like Lee’s can back up every job with better warranties and service guarantees that that are simply not available to small, one man handyman type contractors.  In fact, because of the volume of business they do and the relationship they have with their suppliers companies like Lee’s have a lot more leverage with the suppliers if there is ever a problem with any of your new equipment or with the installation.

When compared to other larger HVAC companies, again there is really no comparison.  Lee’s has a tremendous team of technicians who have been with the company for years and in some cases for decades.  This long standing experience means higher quality workmanship and experience you simply can’t find with other companies.  Lee’s is highly dedicated to service, which has lead to numerous awards including the 2014 HVAC dealer of the year award from American Standard.  Lee’s has been serving the Salt Lake community since 1930 and has built their reputation on quality work, integrity, and excellent customer service.  That is why they are one of Utah’s most recognized names in the heating and air industry.

Lee’s is also very aware of your desire to get a great value on your HVAC job, and that is why pricing is extremely competitive and affordable.  Lee’s will also advise you about any and all options you have available to you and will clearly and professionally show you the many options you can choose from on your heating and air system installation.

If you need a quote on a new system, or if you are just looking for a tune-up or maintenance on an existing system, please call Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (801) 747-LEES (5337) or visit us online at