Preserving the correct heat is not the only aspect of indoor air comfort during the winter season. Among the least comprehended air high quality techniques is “humidification” or the process of including humidity right into the air. The truth is that effectively regulated humidity offers some really fantastic wellness benefits, but also provides many conveniences, specifically here in Utah during the dry cool winter season.

The Aprilaire Whole Home Indoor Humidifier from Lee’s Heating and Air is the best means to control the destructive results to both you and your home triggered by the dry winter months air.


Did you know that enhancing the moisture in your house could reduce the possibility of getting colds, the flu, and also other breathing problems induced by lesser humidity levels. In fact, certain viruses prosper in a reduced moisture environment. Allergic reactions and asthma can additionally prevail from a completely dry setting. It could likewise make you more susceptible to infection. That’s why lots of doctors and also various other medical professionals will suggest humidity control in your house to battle routine occurances of these symptoms.

There are likewise numerous comfort aspects impacted by the dry winter months air. Bloody noses, dry mouth, completely dry scratchy eyes, a sore throat, cracking or itchy skin are all regular occurrences from the dry wintertime air.


The Aprilaire whole home humidifier could give the ideal quantity of moisture into your home. Did you know that as you include moisture into your residence, you could actually reduce your thermostat and maintain the same level of convenience you presently are experiencing. The EPA records that each degree you lower your thermostat throughout the winter could lead to a 4 % decrease in energy prices on your heating bill.

Your home humidifier is set up with a special thermostat so you could quickly keep track of and also adjust the moisture in the air. A humidifier does not call for a great deal of special maintenance and also the trained air professionals at Lee’s Heating Air could easily check and service your humidifier at the time of your regular furnace maintenance in the late fall. Aprilaire first introduced whole home humidifiers back in 1954 and today provides one of one of the most comprehensive line of whole house humidification in the industry.

Lee’s Heating and Air, is happy to be the Salt Lake area dealer for Aprilaire humidifiers and also can help you make a great choice on an industry leading home humidifier. To get more information, get in touch with Lee’s Heating and Air today at (801) 747-LEES (5337) or visit us online at