Obstructed, grimy air filters shut out normal air flow and lessen a cooling system’s efficiency considerably, so it is essential to consistently alter your central air system’s filters.  Many people don’t realize that you should replace the filters more in the summer than you do in the winter.  Your air conditioner needs to run like a fine tuned, well oiled machine that requires more care and consideration.  At the very least, change your filter every other month but in the summer when it is working hardest we recommend you change your filter every month. The bottom line is when you’re A/C is in continuous usage, the filters should be switched out much more often.

Usually changing the filter in your furnace is a pretty simple process, but if you need assistance, the professionals at Lee’s would be happy to assist.  Filters are conveniently available in an array of types and sizes.  Some filters can be recycled after cleansing, but most are disposable and will have to be replaced.  Generally you can find filters for around $10 each.  Lee’s can assess the size you need and can even sell new filters to you at a low wholesale rate.  Be sure to ask about that when you schedule your maintenance service.

We got a glimpse of some hot summer weather this past weekend and it is sure to get even hotter as the summer moves forward.  Simple maintenance of your Air Conditioner will insure a cool and comfortable environment in your home all summer long.  Call Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning for any furnace and A/C questions you may have, we are here to be your resource for comfort all year long.