I heard an interesting statistic on the radio that said that nearly half of all Utah residents still have swamp coolers.  I know from driving through my neighborhood it is true just from seeing those big ugly, rusty boxes on top of many of the homes.  Yeah, I remember when I had a swamp cooler, and I especially remember my potato chips and cereal getting stale and wilted and the wall paper in my living room struggling to stay glued to the wall.  Not to mention that I could never seem to get the cool air into the key parts of my house that I really wanted to cool off, like the bedroom.  I would try to sleep at night using fans and open windows but it was always just too hot, noisy and uncomfortable.

Life with central air is so much better.  I love when it is really hot outside and I walk into the house and get this blast of cool air in my face as I walk inside.  I can get more done because the heat isn’t sucking the energy right out of my body and my family never complains to me about the heat anymore.  During the summer months, we used to have to make sure we didn’t buy anything from the grocery store that needed to be cooked in the oven because it would just escalate the heat problem in the house.  Now we can cook a complete turkey dinner in the oven for hours in the middle of August and not even think twice about it.

The funny part is that it really didn’t end up costing much more for an air conditioner, because the high efficiency features helped lower my utility costs, even with the A/C running in the summer, and with Lee’s heating and Air’s 12 month special financing, available with approved credit, I was able to pay monthly payments for my system.  The best part is they truly were experts in setting up and properly sizing the system for my home, and now they always come out and service my system prior to the start of the summer season just to make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to.

You may think you can’t afford to make the switch to central air, but you may be surprised at how affordable it is, and how much better your life and the life of your family will be after your new air conditioner is installed.  I recommend you call Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning and at least have a service technician come size out your home and let you know what options may be available for you.

Lee’s was named the 2014 American Standard Dealer of the Year for the western region.  While we are proud of this great recognition and accomplishment, we tell you this to let you know that we have been recognized as a dealer that puts our customer’s needs first and believes in helping our customers have a great experience by providing exactly what you need ahead of trying to make the big sale.  This philosophy has helped keep us in business for nearly 85 years (since 1930).  Our goal is to be your heating and air provider for years to come and we can only successfully do this by treating our customers the way we would want to be treated.  Call our friendly staff today and find out why Lee’s is different from other HVAC companies in Salt Lake City.

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