We have definitely hit the hottest part of the year, with Salt Lake area temperatures nearing the century mark on a daily basis. You may think it is too late to get a great deal on a new central air conditioning system, but actually now is a great time to buy. Suppliers often get an overstock at this time of year because as the summer continues on, new A/C system sales begin to taper off and manufacturers and suppliers don’t want to get stuck holding a bunch of extra inventory on new systems. This can mean some significant savings for consumers.
In addition, well established companies like Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning make it easy to afford a new central air system and insure that you are getting the perfectly sized system that will provide the optimum performance and comfort for your home or business.
The funny thing is that you will actually save money in the long run. A high efficiency system can significantly reduce your energy costs almost paying for itself over time. Just be sure you hire a company with a great reputation and highly educated service technicians to insure the highest quality and a team dedicated to providing you with excellent service after the sale.
Did you know that Lee’s is the 2014 American Standard Dealer of the Year? This award is given to companies who continually demonstrate integrity and top notch customer service. If you have been wondering if it was possible to add a central air system to your home or office, give Lee’s a call and discover for yourself how the super friendly and helpful team of experts can help.
Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning is located in Salt Lake City and services the greater Salt Lake valley including Davis County, Utah County, and Park City. Call (801) 747-LEES (5337) or just fill out the information request form on our website www.leesheatac.com