Are you confused between choosing a portable air conditioner or a small window air conditioner? While there are a number of options available in the market, if you are confused between what to choose, here are a few guidelines that may help.

Determine Your Needs

Before you make a decision between the two, it is important to determine your needs. Two main factors that may affect your decision include:

  • Where you want to install the air conditioner
  • What is the size of the space where you want the air conditioner?

Many homeowners have a central air conditioner unit installed at their homes. However as these units need to cool a large space, they are not the preferred choice of many. Whether you are choosing a portable or a small window air conditioner, you can easily save a lot of money.

Things to Consider When Choosing An Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are known to make a certain noise when they kick in.

You may choose to invest in a portable air conditioner if you do not want the unit to protrude from the window. Some home associations ban the use of window units and choosing a portable air conditioner does not violate such regulation.

A window air conditioner can be your choice if you are looking for a more energy-efficient unit than portable unit. Moreover, window units also come with a number of features such as digital thermometer, timers, and remotes.

Benefits of Using a Window Air Conditioner

There are a lot of benefits to using a small window air conditioner.

  • Low Cost

    One of the biggest advantages of a small window air conditioner is that they are cost-effective. Not only are they inexpensive to purchase but they are fairly cost-effective on a monthly basis. There are plenty of manufacturers out there which you can choose from.

    Moreover, there are many features available for small window air conditioners. While some may come across as frivolous, others are necessary.

  • Energy Efficient

    If you want to stay cool without spending a lot of money, a window air conditioner is a perfect solution for you. The window air conditioner has a great energy efficiency ratio (EER) and gives you a better understanding of how much energy they require to run. Invest in a window unit with a high EER rating to maximize your savings.

  • Easy to Install

    Small window air conditioners are easy to install. While the installation process differs from model to model, it is something that can easily be accomplished. Also, you can rely on expert air conditioner technicians to get your window unit installed. Having the technician do it will make sure it is installed correctly and there are no air leaks.

  • Frees Floor space

    As window units are installed in the window, they do not take up space in your home. This is often seen as a huge benefit among people who live in tiny homes. A window air conditioner sits on the outskirts of the city and does not interfere with the activities.
    While some people prefer ductless systems to save space, it can be an expensive option as compared to window air conditioner.

  • Supplement Cooling

    Some homeowners are taking up supplement cooling to save money on their energy bills. Supplement cooling help homeowners to keep a single room at the desired temperature without cooling the whole house.

    If you are looking forward to it, window air conditioners are perfect for it. The amount of money you can save by installing a small window air conditioner will leave you astonished.

  • Multi-Functional – Can be Used Year-Round

    Small window air conditioners do more than just providing cool air. Some window units are equipped with dual function and provide heating and cooling for your homes. This feature makes it ideal for year-round use.

    Also, there are some air conditioners that can double up as an air purifier. These units are installed with HEPA filters and help reduce allergens, odor, and other airborne particles to help improve the indoor air quality. These air conditioners can help prevent the spread of germs and other illnesses.

Can be Used In Variety of Locations

A small window air conditioner can be used in a number of places. Here are some of the spaces where you can use the window air conditioner.

  • Dorm rooms

    Have you seen a window air conditioner in a dorm room? It is not uncommon to spot a window ac in a dorm room as it works greats to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Moreover, the university is not required to installed or maintain a central air conditioner.

  • Apartments

    People who are renting out an apartment often opt for a window air conditioner as it is easy to reinstall it in different homes when you relocate.

  • Bedroom

    Homeowners often chose to install a window air conditioner in their bedroom to enjoy a good uninterrupted and comfortable night sleep

  • Small Offices

    Depending on the location of your office space, it can be too hot or too cold. This is when a window air conditioner helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in your office without spending a lot of money.

Trustworthy AC Installation Services

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