Are you planning on getting a new AC installed in your home? Whether you plan to get a new AC installation, switch to a more energy-efficient model or replace a broken air conditioner, make sure you choose the right air conditioner.

Choose the Right Type of Air Conditioner

When installing a new air conditioner, make sure you choose the right type of air conditioner. Some of the commonly available different types of air conditioners include:

  • Window type

    One of the most commonly installed air conditioner system in homes, a window air conditioner is used to cool a single room. This type of air conditioner consists of a single box that encloses all the components including the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, cooling coil, and the evaporator. This unit is installed by creating a slot in the wall.

  • Packaged

    If you want to cool two or more rooms of a huge building, you can choose packaged units. There are two arrangements in packaged systems. One is when the components are present in a single box equipped with a high capacity blower which throws cool air through the ductwork.

    The other where the condenser and compressor are housed in a single box and the air is passed through other units in different rooms.

  • Central

    The central air conditioner system is used when you need to keep each room of a huge building at a comfortable temperature. The central air conditioner consists of a large compressor with tons of air conditioning capacity. This air conditioner is often a feasible option for malls or very large houses.

  • Split system

    Have you heard about the split air conditioner system? Split air conditioners comprise of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit consists of a compressor, condenser, and expansion valve. The outdoor unit passes air through tubing connects to the indoor unit which contains the evaporator, cooling coil, and cooling fan.

Tips to Get Quality AC Installation

While installing a new air conditioning system can provide you with great comfort, it is important that it is properly installed.

  • Choose an Energy-Efficient System

    When buying a new air conditioner, make sure to invest in an energy-efficient system. An expert HVAC technician will help you understand the energy efficiency of the system. When buying a system, look for the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and the Energy Star label.

  • Call a professional

    The only way to make sure that your AC installation goes as planned is to hire an expert HVAC technician. Installing an air conditioner is not an easy DIY project. You need to own proper tools and experience to make sure everything is correct. Sometimes installing the air conditioner yourself can lead to expensive repairs in the future

  • Get on a Maintenance Schedule

    If you want to make sure that your air conditioner works efficiently for more than a decade, get on a maintenance schedule after getting your air conditioner installed. Enrolling in a maintenance program will ensure that your system remains efficient for longer while helping you lower your monthly utility bills.

Importance of Expert Professionals

With the increasing popularity of the DIY approach using YouTube instructional videos, a large number of people are making updates and repairing their HVAC systems themselves. While AC installation may seem like an easy task, it is far from one. It is one of those tasks that is best left to the professionals. Installing the right sized system is important to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

To determine the best air conditioning system for your home, the professional will consider a number of things including:

  • Your budget
  • Size of the home
  • Types of warranty
  • Type of system

It is important to invest in the right-sized system because buying an air conditioner larger than your home will cost you more in an upfront payment. Buying a system too small for your home will make it work harder and longer to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This will in turn increase your monthly utility expenses.

To determine what the right size is, the HVAC technician will calculate the home’s cooling load. This is the amount of heat energy that needs to be pulled from the air and cooled. It is also important that the blower fan of the system and the home’s air ducts are of the right size and are installed correctly.

Trustworthy AC Installation Services

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