Do you own a gorgeous garden that if filled with lush green trees and beautiful flowers? What will happen if you do not take proper care and maintain it regularly? Within a few days, the beauty of the garden will be lost.

Similarly, it is important to opt for regular heating and cooling repair service if you want your HVAC system to keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. The heating and cooling system will work efficiently only if you opt for heating and cooling repair service at regular intervals.

Maintenance and Repair Services You May Need

Over the lifespan of the furnace, it is important to choose repair and maintenance services at regular intervals. Here are some of the common repair and maintenance services you may need to hire HVAC technicians for.

  • Problems With Electric Connections

    Whether you own a natural gas furnace or an all-electric furnace, it is important to have a good electrical connection to make sure the furnace works to its best abilities. Old, worn-out electric wires and connections can cause problems between the furnace and the thermostat. Poor heating is an indication that there is some problem with the electrical connection.

  • Dirty Burners

    Do you regularly change the air filters? Even with regular change of furnace filters, the burners of the furnace can end up getting dirty. This can create issues like delayed ignition which ultimately puts a lot of stress on the system. Thus, it is vital to keep the burners clean, to make sure your system runs for a long time. So if you notice a delay in the ignition, there are chances that you have dirty burners.

  • Pilot Light Problem

    If you own a gas furnace, you will have a pilot light. The pilot light should have a blue flame all the time and should be steady. If the pilot light is unable to stay on for a long time or if it is discolored, it is a sign that it needs immediate attention.

  • Poor Airflow

    Improper or poor airflow into or out of the furnace can cause problems in heating up the home. Dirty filters often reduce the airflow while leaking ducts can also make it difficult to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Make sure to regularly check the filters and hire heating and cooling repair service experts when required.

How Does Heating and Cooling Repair Services Help?

Well, there are plenty of benefits of repair and maintenance services for the furnace as well as you.

  • Better Warmth

    Who doesn’t want to stay warm, cozy, and comfortable during winter? Well, if you want to stay in a nice and warm home, make sure to opt for maintenance services. Heating maintenance and repair services give expert technicians an opportunity to look into your system and make sure it can withstand the cold weather without breaking down in the middle of the night.

    Maintenance services help spot any potential problem way ahead of time before it can wreak havoc in your home. By choosing regular heating and cooling repair service you can stay comfortable all year long.

  • Reduce Heating Bills

    Do you want to reduce your bills? Nobody will ever say no to this question. Well, you have the power to reduce your bills as long as you stay on top of maintenance services. An efficient furnace always helps you save your money.

  • Increase the Lifespan

    You want your HVAC system to work for as long as possible, isn’t it? So, make sure you take care of your investment. When opting for a heating and cooling repair service, make sure to reach out to expert technicians to help with the maintenance services.

    Your HVAC system should last you around 10 to 15 years if you take good care. However, it won’t last you for more than a decade if you are not taking the right care.

Stay Cozy And Comfortable In Your Home

Your home is the one place where you should feel comfortable and this feeling will only be enhanced when the heater and air conditioner work smoothly. This is even more important in a state like Utah where weather conditions tend to be a little extreme.

Our technicians at Lee’s Heating and Air are extremely knowledgeable and able to service nearly every make and model of furnace. We offer 24-hour service and are available on weekends and holidays. For 85 years Lee’s has been providing exceptional service to Utah residents. Our goal is to help you have an energy-efficient unit that gives optimum performance in all kinds of weather conditions.

Affordable Heating and Cooling Repair Service

Our heating and cooling repair service will ensure that your unit will be fixed in a timely, affordable manner.

We feel your comfort shouldn’t have to come at a hefty price, which is why we offer up-front, flat-rate pricing. This means that if upon inspection, we find another issue that needs to be dealt with, we won’t throw another quote at you to fix it.

We’ve never surprised a client with an unexpected bill, and we’re not about to start with you! And some jobs run longer than expected. That isn’t your fault and we feel that it would be a punishment to you if we didn’t stand behind our initial quote.

Get In Touch Today!

You won’t ever have to worry about going without air conditioning or furnace when the weather gets warm or cold. You won’t ever have to sit around and wait for a repair guy to show up anytime between 10 am and 4 pm, the following day.

When you make an appointment with us, whether it’s an emergency or not, we will be on your doorstep, ready to help you at that exact time. Punctuality is key here at Lee’s. We even keep our vans stocked with all our equipment so you don’t lose precious time.

For all your heating and cooling repair services, get in touch today. Appointments can be made to fit within your busy schedule. Give us a call at (801) 467-1561