Your home is your safe zone – a place, where you feel safe from the dangers of outside elements. But do you know it is not as safe as you think?

What if we tell you that indoor air is often five times more contaminated than outdoor air? Well, this is not true for every household, but few homes fall in this category. Is your home one of them?

If you regularly indulge in the dreaded task of dusting yet find yourself struggling to keep the home dust free, your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) System may be at fault. Don’t fret as Lee’s have a simple yet effective solution for every common HVAC problem that causes excessive dust.

  • Start with the Filters

When you think your HVAC system is the culprit, look out for the filter as it is a dust trap. Make sure to inspect the filters once every month and clean them, whenever necessary. If you have a pet at home, it becomes more important to clean the filters often.

The dust that you see in the filter is absorbed from the indoor air. When the filters are clogged with dust, the system’s efficiency to clean the air reduces drastically. Thus, the dust stays in the air, polluting your surroundings.

When changing the filters, ensure that there’s a tight seal around all sides. If the filter is improperly placed or there is a gap in between, the filters won’t be able to collect the dust effectively. You can always rely on Lee’s experts to get the filters changed.

  • Experiencing a leak?

One of the most common yet challenging problems that can cause excessive dust is leaky ductwork. Your HVAC system can develop small gaps due to age, poor workmanship or even if the HVAC system is kept in dusty attic or basement. These gaps allow the inflow of dust past the filter.

It is essential to take a closer look at the vents to see dust buildup, which can further indicate leaky ductwork. If you are unable to see the dust build up, put off the lights and inspect the area with a flashlight. This will make it easier to find the source of a leak.

However, if you are unable to repair the leaky ductwork yourself, get in touch with Lee’s experienced professionals.

  • Don’t leave it untreated

While homeowners who live in wetter climate tend to get rid of dust problem for some time, homeowners who live in arid climate are prone to dust problems. Dust travel freely in the dry air and will travel farther through an HVAC system. When it rains and the atmosphere becomes humid, filters are able to capture dust with ease.

Therefore, it is important to get problems resolved at the earliest before it becomes too late. Filters must be cleaned regularly and ductwork must be sealed.

The next time you are trying to tackle a dusty situation at home, contact the experts.

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