When was the last time you got the furnace serviced? Chances are a long time back, right? People don’t often give much thought to the furnace unless it stops working. While it is not uncommon for a furnace to make some sounds, but if you notice loud sounds such as one of the followings, make sure to get in touch with Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning Company. Schedule an appointment today to get your furnace repaired.

Here are four furnace noises which should never be ignored. If you hear any of these noises, call the technicians before it’s too late.

  1. Bang or a Loud Pop Sound

When you turned on the furnace, did you hear a loud pop sound or a bang before the fan turns on? If so, don’t take it lightly. Irrespective of what you must have read online or heard from people, the bang sound can be dangerous if not treated on time.

A loud pop sound is often caused by delayed ignition. When the furnace is plugged, instead of starting up right away, dirt on the burner cause delay which gives enough time for the gas to build up. When the gas ignites, a loud bang sound is heard. These mini explosions can crack the heat exchanger, which further cause carbon monoxide to leak into the home. So make sure to call the experts and get it checked.

  2. Scraping

A loud scraping sound indicates a problem with the blower wheel. So if you hear a loud scraping sound, quickly switch off the furnace and call the experts. While it may seem like a no big deal, it can be dangerous.

Scraping sound is caused when:

  • The wheel needs to be replaced
  • The wheel came loose from the motor shaft and is touching the blower casing
  • The motor mount broke

Lee’s professional HVAC technicians can find the problem and solve it right away.

  3. Squealing

Squealing isn’t as urgent as scraping and bang, but if you hear a high-pitched squealing sound, get it fixed to avoid any further problems with the furnace. High-pitched squealing or whining noise may be caused by:

  • A malfunctioning blower motor
  • A loose, fraying blower belt which needs replacement
  • Shaft bearings that need oiling

Lee’s technician can easily fix this problem by replacing or repairing the furnace parts.

  4. Rumbling

You must never ignore a noise coming out of furnace no matter how loud or stubble it seems. If you hear a low rumbling sound, it may indicate that the pilot flame is too low. The flame must glow blue and not orange or yellow. If the flame is not glowing blue, switch off the furnace and call a technician. Orange or yellow flame can be dangerous, so make sure you don’t take any chance.

Having your furnace cleaned and serviced regularly will allow professionals to detect the problem before it becomes big. Hire Lee’s professionals to deal with loud banging, high pitch squealing and other noises coming out of your furnace.

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