As your air conditioner ages, you may notice new noises arising out of it. Are you concerned about the noise coming out of your HVAC system? While some noises are a result of everyday operation, other noises are a cause of concern. Sometimes, it can be hard for homeowners to differentiate a normal noise from an abnormal noise. However, if you own a decade old system and are noticing these noises, it’s time to call an HVAC contractor in Salt Lake City.

  • Humming
    Did you just notice a humming sound coming out of the HVAC system? Well, you are in luck as the humming noise from an AC unit is often a benign sound caused by dust, dirt, and debris. All you need to do is to remove the top part and gently wipe down the interiors with a clean cloth.
  • Clicking
    Clicking sound indicates that there is some problem with the electrical system of the unit. You may hear a continuous clicking sound when electrical signals are malfunctioning. During this time, the control panel is continuously attempting to send signals which cause the switch to turn off and on. This problem can be solved by replacing a thermostat. Make sure to hire experienced technicians to do the job to perfection.
  • Bubbling
    Does the air conditioner sound like bubbling? It may indicate a low level of refrigerant. Your air conditioner may have a leak somewhere along the pipe which allows the refrigerant to leak out. Hire Lee’s Heating and Air experienced technicians to assess the situation and find a perfect solution for the problem.
  • Whistling
    Whistling noise from the air conditioner often indicates inefficient airflow. This can be caused by a number of things ranging from a dirty air filter to closed dampers, leaky ducts, or a breaking blower. An experienced technician can look into the problem and offer a timely solution.
  • Squealing
    Squealing or squeaking noise from the HVAC system can be an indication that the fan belt is loose or the motor is going bad. If the motor is not working properly, there are high chances that it needs to be replaced. However, you can get the fan belt repaired by an experienced technician.
  • Banging
    Banging sound often indicates that there is something loose or misplaced in the HVAC unit. This could be a small part that needs tightening or something big such as the compressor, fan or a damaged blower. Don’t try to fix things yourself as you can end up doing more damage to the system. Instead, call an experienced technician to look into the matter.

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