Have you noticed your air conditioner leaking water lately? If so, there are several possible reasons why it happens. However before you choose the DIY approach to fix the problem, remember that home HVAC repair professionals help you save time, money and fix the problem faster.

Make sure to get in touch with expert technicians to troubleshoot the system.

Let’s talk about some of the common reasons why your HVAC system may be leaking water.

  • Clogged Condensate Drain

    The condensate drain is responsible to transport collected water out of the unit. If algae, dust, or debris builds up in the drainpipe, it can partially or completely block and clog the drain. This can lead to the equipment leaking water.

  • The Temperature is Cold

    Is it already too cold outside? If you want to cool your home when it’s cold outside, the evaporator coil will ice over causing the unit to leak. To avoid breakdown of your system, make sure you are not running your air conditioner when the temperature outside is below 60 degrees.

  • Disconnected Drain Line

    Did you know that the drain line can become loose over time, even when the air conditioner has been installed by the professionals? If the drain line gets loose enough, it can disconnect from the system completely causing water to leak.

  • Broken Condensate Pump

    Have you checked the condensate pump? A broken condensate pump cannot pump out excess water in the condenser pan. This leads to the pan filling up and overflowing.

    This is when home HVAC repair professionals can help.

  • Low Refrigerant Level

    Are the refrigerant levels too low? Low refrigerant can make the AC coils freeze which in turn cause leakage.

  • Dirty Air Filters

    When was the last time you changed or cleaned the air filters? When the air filters are dirty, the airflow becomes restricted and the evaporator coils don’t get the ventilation they need. This makes the coils to get too cold and freeze eventually.

    As the ice melts off the coils, moisture drips down, causing the drip pan to overflow and leaking water out of the unit.

    It is normal for your air conditioner to produce a bit of condensation at time. The more you run your air conditioner, the more condensation you will have.

    However, it is a matter of concern if you notice excess water leaking from your air conditioner. Don’t ignore it as it can be a warning sign that something is wrong with the equipment. Get in touch with a home HVAC repair professional immediately.

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