Are you experiencing foul odor, poor airflow, hot and cold spots, poor indoor quality and a strange noise from your HVAC system? Do you know the air ducts can be at fault? We often take air ducts for granted and forget to clean them or get them serviced. So if your furnace or air conditioner is working perfectly fine but still your home is uncomfortable, there are chances that the HVAC system may be suffering from one of the 6 Common Duct Problems.

  1. Faulty Designed Duct System

    According to a study, it was found that duct systems are only 57% efficient due to one of the listed problems. But a faulty duct system is one of the greatest problems faced by homeowners. An improperly installed or designed duct system cannot supply or return the airflow required to heat or cool the home, even when the device is functioning properly.

  2. Leaking Air Ducts

    Did you know approximately 20% of the air that passes through the HVAC air ducts is lost due to weathered seals, leaks or cracks? Air loss is often contributed to poorly sealed grills and registry as well. Leaking ductwork poses a problem due to two reasons. It reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system and increases your monthly bills. Moreover, leaking ductwork can negatively affect your home’s indoor air quality as it allows pollutants to access the home through cracks and leaks.

  3. Information at a glance

    A programmable thermostat comes with a touchscreen and offers the advantage of having the information at a glance about the HVAC system. Thus, you can view the basic information such as the temperature along viewing warning alerts. Nowadays, programmable thermostats can be connected with smartphones to give you immediate access to the system even when you are not around.

  4. Dirty Air Ducts

    The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air quality can often be much worse than outdoor air quality. When the air ducts are dirty, it becomes difficult for the HVAC system to cool or heat the home and improve the air quality. Thus, it is vital to clean the air ducts for healthy air quality inside the home.

  5. Poorly Sealed Grills

    Did you install the HVAC system yourself? If so, there are high chances that loosely or poorly sealed grills and registers may be the reason why you are experiencing hot or cold spots. If the registers are not sealed properly, the air will escape before reaching the rooms. This causes a loss of air and makes the HVAC system work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

  6. Air Ducts Not Insulated

    Temperature controlled from the HVAC system escape through more than just leaks. When air ducts are not insulated or are not properly installed, it allows for the loss of cool air in summers and heated air in winters. Thus, by properly insulating the air ducts, the overall efficiency of the HVAC system can be enhanced.

  7. Torn Insulated Flexible Plastic Air Ducts

    Nowadays, homes are often equipped with flexible plastic air ducts. If you have an insulated flexible plastic air duct, make sure it is not torn, twisted, or crushed. These restrictions make the HVAC system work harder to circulate the air throughout the home.

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