If you are a busy professional looking for ways to cut back on energy usage, it may be time to use the latest technology in the heating and air conditioning systems – the Programmable Thermostats. Heating and cooling costs are one of the biggest expenses incurred to a homeowner. This is because homeowners constantly need to cool or heat the home to suit their needs. This is when a programmable thermostat can help lower your energy use. Here are some of the Benefits of Installing Programmable Thermostat.

  1. Temperature Adjustments

    With a programmable thermostat, you can program it to switch on the AC in the morning, drop down during the day and cool the house just in time of your return. In this manner, you will always enjoy a cool, comfortable indoor temperature, without worrying about the energy bills.

    In addition, automatic temperature adjustments also make sure your HVAC system runs efficiently thus saving you money. Programmable thermostat often takes the guesswork out of the temperature adjustments.

  2. Zoned Heating and Cooling

    If you want to keep one room cooler than the other, a programmable thermostat gives you complete control over the zones HVAC operation. A zoned system helps you to keep different rooms at different temperatures.

    For instance, if you like a certain temperature during the night, but your kids prefer cooler surroundings, a zoned system will make it easy to vary the temperature in different rooms. It can be a hassle to manually set the temperature of each room, but with a programmable thermostat, everything’s already taken care of.

  3. Information at a glance

    A programmable thermostat comes with a touchscreen and offers the advantage of having the information at a glance about the HVAC system. Thus, you can view the basic information such as the temperature along viewing warning alerts. Nowadays, programmable thermostats can be connected with smartphones to give you immediate access to the system even when you are not around.

  4. Less Time Adjusting

    A programmable thermostat makes it easy for homeowners to set the temperature in a short time span. HVAC systems often come with manual thermostats which need time and practice to learn the steps of setting the temperature throughout the day.

    When you wake up, you will need to change the temperature. When you step out of the house, you will again make the manual changes to the temperature. Finally, you have to readjust the temperature after coming home. This is a practice many of us choose to neglect. But using a programmable thermostat eliminates these steps as you can schedule once and forget about it.

  5. Optimize HVAC System

    If you have an old or not-so-efficient HVAC system, ask for suggestions from your HVAC professional. Sometimes, instead of investing in a new HVAC system, a programmable thermostat can do the job perfectly. A programmable thermostat takes the load off the HVAC system and makes it easy for the system to work efficiently.

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