Water Softener Deal | Utah

Right now you can receive a humidifier for only $49 with the purchase of a high efficiency water system.

Benefits of using a Water Softening System

Dishwasher Performance
Using the Sentry II water softener will improve the performance of your dishwasher by preventing the buildup of mineral deposits in the water system. It will also provide cleaner dishes and help reduce spotting and residue.

Laundry and Washing Machines
When you use a Sentry II water softener your clothes will last longer, the colors will stay brighter and the clothing will be cleaner and softer. It will extend the life of your washer as well by preventing mineral buildup and scale. It also saves money by using less detergent and soap by up to 70%!

Shower and Bathtubs
When you use a Sentry II water softener your faucets, shower tile and glass will look better and feel cleaner because conditioned water removes much of the mineral deposits that leave your faucets spotty and your shower scaly.

Hair and Skin
Do you have sensitive skin? Dry, tangled hair? Conditioned water helps reduce skin irritations and adds a healthy luster to hair leaving it soft and easy to groom. You will use less shampoo and conditioner too.


Did you know that increasing the humidity levels in your home can decrease the possibility of getting colds, the flu, and other respiratory problems caused by lower humidity levels. In fact, certain viruses flourish in a low humidity environment. Allergies and asthma can also be prevalent from a dry environment. It can also make you more susceptible to infection. That’s why many physicians and other medical specialists will recommend humidity control in your home to combat regular occurrences of these symptoms.

There are also many comfort factors affected by the dry winter air. Bloody noses, dry mouth, dry itchy eyes, a sore throat, cracked or itchy skin, and painful static shocks are all normal occurrences from the dry winter air.