A ductless air conditioner consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit and an outdoor compressor. It does not use ducts to deliver the cool air and avoids the energy loss from leaky ductwork. If you have been planning on investing in a ductless air conditioner, but have some questions in mind, get in touch with Lee’s Heating and Air technicians.

Here are a few frequently asked questions that will help you learn more about ductless systems.

Are They More Efficient Than Central Air Conditioners?

Yes, ductless systems are energy efficient as compared to the central air conditioners. Avoiding the use of ducts help you save as much as 30 percent of the energy used to cool a given space. Ducts are not always properly designed or sealed tightly. Thus, some part of the cool air goes into the basement instead of cooling the actual room. Moreover, the vents can be blocked with heavy drapes or furniture sometimes.
What Are The Benefits Of Ductless Systems?

There are plenty of benefits of opting for ductless systems over central air conditioners. Some of them are:

  • Ductless systems are perfect for an older home without ductwork.
  • They only require a small hole in the wall for installation
  • They are more energy efficient than central air conditioners
  • They are quieter than central AC
  • They work better than window mounted systems
  • They cost less than the central air conditioner

What Kind of Maintenance Services Do They Need?

Ductless air conditioner requires the same maintenance as required by central air conditioners. They come with a protective dust filter that should be replaced or cleaned once every 2 months. Some ductless systems come with additional filters to improve air quality.

The outdoor condenser unit must be cleaned once in spring and once in fall to make sure dust, debris, leaves, or snow doesn’t harm the system. Get your ductless air conditioner maintained by professional technicians once a year to ensure a long lifespan.

Is It Easy To Install The System?

The system is easy to install, but you should not follow the do-it-yourself route. Installing the system is relatively easy when professional HVAC contractors are hired. An HVAC professional will also help you determine the right size of the system as a small unit will struggle to cool the room and a large system will cool the room quickly leading to short cycles.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

The cost of a ductless system depends on a variety of factors. Some of them are:

  • The brand you have chosen
  • Size of the system
  • Chosen energy efficiency rating (SEER)
  • Number of evaporators unit

Should I Invest in One?

You should invest in a ductless system if you are:

  • Moving into an old home and don’t want to make a lot of home renovations
  • You are planning a home addition
  • Planning about installing an air conditioner in the garage

Ductless air conditioners are also a great addition to a home where zoning is a problem. You can use the ductless AC in areas that become unbearably hot during summer.