Having a pet at home can be the best thing. While there’s no doubt they fill our lives with love, they are also responsible to fill our HVAC system with hair, fur, dander or other things that can put a strain on the heating and cooling system. It is increasingly important for pet owners to keep their HVAC system in good condition to maintain optimal air quality through the home.

If you have fur babies at home, make sure your HVAC system is working efficiently with these 4 maintenance tips.

  1. Groom your Fur Babies

    It is important to groom dogs and cats at regular intervals as it leads to less amount of shedding. Do you know pet hairs rapidly cover the filter surface, reducing the efficiency of the HVAC system? Moreover, they can also clog air ducts; thus, making it difficult for the HVAC to keep your home warm. It’s always a good idea to groom your pets every now and then.

  2. Air Filter Maintenance
    Apart from pet hairs and fur, you also need to worry about pet dander. Pets often shed tiny particles of dead skin that become airborne once they come off the pets. Pet dander gets caught in the HVAC air filters; thus, reducing its efficiency.

    If the filters are not cleaned regularly, they become caked with dust, dander, hairs and other impurities. This blocks airflow, which means the heating system, will keep running without heating the home. So as the system keeps on working to no avail, the effects will be seen on the power bill.

    Therefore, to save on your electricity bills and to make sure the HVAC is working efficiently, it is important to change the filters regularly. Also remember, the more pets you have, more often you should change the air filters.

  3. Clogged Air Ducts

    Even if you keep your pets well-groomed, some of their hairs are still going to clog the air ducts. Clogged air ducts can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. You can choose to clean the clogged aid ducts on your own or can hire experienced professional to do the job. Professionals at Lee’s have years of experience in HVAC system maintenance.

  4. HVAC Equipment Care
    Pets can destroy a lot of things in and around the home including the HVAC system. Dogs and cats can urinate on the outdoor condensing unit; thus, ruining it. This can lead to corroding effects which in turn leads to expensive repairs. Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures to prevent it from happening.

    Make sure to build a barrier around your outside unit while allowing airflow and easy access. Also, pets can chew on the wiring of the system, so hide any exposed wires and schedule regular tune-ups with professionals.

    You can schedule air conditioning tune-ups in spring and heating system tune-ups in fall. Or you can sign up for a home maintenance plan with the professionals at Lee’s and never worry about getting your system maintained again.

    For more information on HVAC system maintenance, visit https://www.leesheatac.com/ or call 801-467-1561.