The American Standard brand of furnace and air conditioner has become known for its high quality, dependable and affordable heating and air condition solutions.  With summer lurking upon us and warmer temperatures on the way, now is the perfect time to install and new central air conditioner, or replace that old energy sucking system that was installed in your home years ago.  Here are 5 reasons you may want to take a closer look at an American Standard air conditioning system.

  1. Energy Efficiency – On thing that really sets American Standard central air conditioning systems apart are the high energy efficiency standards which are used. Utility costs are continuing to rise here in Utah but a high efficiency heating and air system can help lower your bills and keep energy costs under control.  The average savings is 50% per year (with 20 seer). Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning will make sure your system is perfectly sized to provide the maximum comfort for the lowest possible cost.
  2. Home Comfort – In order to maximize the performance of your American Standard air conditioner, Lee’s will provide a “load calculation” to determine the capacity and capabilies of your current system.  Then we can review the systems that best fit your home and needs, and what works best for your budget.  The key is to have quality comfort so you can enjoy all of life’s great moments that happen indoors.
  3. Reliability – A national product-testing and research magazine rated American Standard air conditioners as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers.  It was one of only two brands voted as “more reliable than average” by over 500 furnace installers and over 35,000 customers.  In addition, American Standard was ranked highest in overall dealer satisfaction multiple times over the past 10 years.
  4. Sustainability – American Standard is always looking to create smarter solutions for you that will improve your lives and our environment.  Sustainable heating and air conditioning and other home products and services help you reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.  Lee’s Heating and Air also focuses on ways to reduce the energy footprint of their local Salt Lake City operations.
  5. 130 Years of Experience – American Standard was pioneering home heating back in the 1880’s.  Since then, they have not only established a long standing history of quality workmanship, but been at the forefront of new technology and higher efficiency.  Lee’s has been serving Utah residents since 1930.  You can only stay in business that long if you are doing something right.  Lees is proud to be the 2014 American Standard Dealer of the Year representing a long tradition of quality and services throughout the Salt Lake valley.

Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning is now offer a special limited time pre-season tune up special on Air Conditioners.  Call us to schedule your appointment, or to have a licensed and trained technician speak to you about a new American Standard high efficiency central air conditioning system for your home.