Are you planning on relocating the outdoor unit of your home HVAC system? There can be plenty of reasons why you choose to move the HVAC equipment such as enhancing the exterior attractiveness of the home to increase the curb appeal, making renovations in the house, or you may need to comply with the latest building codes.

However, if you are planning on relocating the exterior of your HVAC system, make sure to hire air conditioning service experts to do the job. Relocating the HVAC system can be a costly endeavor, make sure you keep the DIY approach for other projects.

How Difficult is it to Relocate the Outdoor Unit?

Is it really difficult to move the outdoor unit? Can I do it myself? Who actually moves the outdoor unit? How much will it cost?
These are some of the questions you may be having regarding the relocation of the outdoor unit. One of the biggest problems you will face while moving the outdoor unit is that the refrigerant line must not bend at any angle. Bent in the refrigerant line can create a leak in the line which can lead to an expensive repair down the line.

It is also vital to pump out all the refrigerant in the system and repair or weld the copper lines to whatever length you want to accommodate the new position. Further, it is important to reconnect the lines to the unit while pumping the refrigerant back in.

Air conditioning service experts will make sure that no air or moisture stays in the lines which can prevent the circulation of the refrigerant. When new lines are being run, it is important not to extend them beyond the unit’s capability to pump the refrigerant effectively. The professionals will make sure no incline is too severe.

When moving the outdoor unit, it is imperative to make sure that the thermostat wiring is secured to the unit. The new wiring needs to run to the disconnect box. Next, the copper lines need to be insulated with a protective cover placed over the line set. Also, it is important to re-level the new position of the HVAC system and restart the system.

The Relocation Cost Involved

Are you eager to learn more about the relocation cost involved? Relocation cost could approach near $1000. So if you are planning to include the relocation of the outside unit as a part of the remodeling process, make sure to have some extra money at hand for the cost of relocation.

Also if you are trying to do it yourself, the technicalities of the task can go beyond your experience and knowledge. Air conditioner service experts will make sure that your HVAC system is assembled correctly and is operating at peak efficiency while providing the same indoor quality air as before.

Pros of Relocating the HVAC System

Sometimes, changing the location of the outdoor HVAC unit can become necessary. It can also be beneficial for the following reasons.

  • If the evaporator unit is present in an unconditioned attic, it is better to move it to an outdoor space for improved cooling efficiency

  • You are planning to finish the living space in the basement and want to relocate the HVAC system

  • You are making modifications in your home such as a new deck, swimming pool or new home additions

  • You are planning on redesigning the landscape

  • You want to protect the system from being damaged

  • You want to protect the system from possible theft

Cons of Relocating the HVAC System

If you are planning on relocating the system yourself, it can take up a lot of time and energy. Getting the system relocated by a professional HVAC technician will make sure nothing is damaged and the system works to its maximum efficiency.

However, there is a lot of work associated with system relocation.

  • Pumping out the refrigerant from the system and replacing the copper lines is important

  • The unit should be moved and leveled before reinstallation

  • Removing any moisture from the refrigerant lines to avoid flow issues

  • Redoing the electrical wiring to the disconnect box and thermostat

  • Recharging the refrigerant and testing the system for leaks

  • Modifying the fuel lines and reattaching the exhaust vent

It is vital to perform a proper check on the system to make sure the system is working to its efficiency once the move is completed.
It must be remembered that moving your HVAC system is harder than you think. While it is easy to move most of the home appliances, the same cannot be said for an HVAC system. There are a number of moving parts that go along with the condenser. These include fragile cables, refrigerant, electrical lines, and more.

Why Hiring Professionals is the Best Bet?

One of the biggest reasons why you should call expert HVAC professionals to move the outside AC unit is because things can quickly turn into a disaster if proper care is not taken. Refrigerant, if handled incorrectly, can be dangerous and professionals are expert at handling refrigerant.

Moreover, they can handle the electrical much better than the homeowner. Someone who has no to little experience with electrical can end up electrocuting themselves. Make sure to leave the work to expert professionals.

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