Have you heard about HEPA filters? You definitely must have.

Do you know what HEPA stands for? How do they work? Do you need on? What kind of products can you use them on? There may be a lot of other questions going around in your mind right now and were are here to help you answer those questions.

What does HEPA Stand for?


HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filters are filters that are designed to capture particles present in the air. These filters are successful in capturing particles that are very tiny in size.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has set the standards for True HEPA Filters. According to the set standard, filters that are able to capture particles greater than or equal to 0.3 microns in size are at an efficiency rate of 99.97%.

How Do HEPA Filters Work?

The next question is how they work.

HEPA filters are often constructed from borosilicate glass or plastic fibers arranged in a mat format. The filters work by sticking the particles to the fiber through a diffusion, interception or impaction process.

Do you Need a HEPA Filter?

Now let’s take a look at why HEPA filters are important. Do you or someone in your family suffer from severe allergies or asthma? If you answered yes, investing in a HEPA filter can help you experience a huge difference.

HEPA filters are known to capture mold spores, pet dander, pollen, fine dust, and other allergens. Allergy triggers are always present in the air and if you are unsure of your allergy triggers, monitoring the quality of the air is a good way to test your allergy triggers.

Some of the special circumstances that make HEPA filters a necessity include but is not limited to:

  • Smoke: Fire in or around the house can cause smoke particles to accumulate at an unhealthy level. A HEPA filter will easily capture the soot and fine ash particles

  • Water Damage: Have you recently experienced a flood, even if it was from an appliance leak? Using a HEPA filter during remediation will help you get rid of bacteria, mold spores, and other microorganisms.


  • Cleanroom Environment: If one of your loved ones needs a cleanroom environment owing to their illness, hyper HEPA filters are the best. They can capture particles as small as 0.003 microns

  • High Chemical Environments: Does your home have a high volume of volatile organic chemicals in the air? If so, you will need HEPA filters designed to take care of the chemicals in the air.


Are HEPA Filters Recommended for Your HVAC System?

Considering the amount of time we are spending indoors, it is important to opt for regular air conditioning maintenance services. Moreover, having high-quality air filters help improve indoor air quality.

Are you considering using HEPA filters for your air conditioner? If so, make sure to get in touch with air conditioning maintenance services experts to get the filter changed or maintained.

Using HEPA filters for your HVAC system will help you not only reduce the number of allergens present in the air but also improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Benefits of Using HEPA Filters

When you are buying HEPA filters, you are investing in a tried and approved technology. HEPA filters remove even the tiniest of the airborne particles and offer improved air quality.

Microscopic air particles are often impossible to see with a naked eye but can be extremely damaging to your health. This is especially dangerous for people living with lung disease or asthma.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in HEPA Filters

If you are new parents, HEPA filters will help remove pollutants from the air making sure your child breath in cleaner air.

Are you a pet owner? If so, using HEPA filters help remove allergy-causing pet dander from the air. If you are looking for a HEPA filter, make sure to invest in one that comes with a carbon filter.

If you are a smoker, you should invest in an air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter and carbon filter inside. This will help remove the smoke particles as well as the fumes and odor associated with smoking.

Finally, if you are someone living with asthma, a HEPA air filter will help remover the common household allergens that can trigger your allergies.

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