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Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Salt Lake City calls themselves the “Experts Who Care” and in fact have built their entire business model and reputation around this ideal. Company owner Tony Oakman stated recently “Lee’s was built on the ideals of providing quality service and that is why such a large part of our business is repeat customers”

Your HVAC System Keeps You Comfortable

Your heating and air is a serious business and requires a high level of experience from well-educated and trained heating and air conditioning maintenance professionals who understand how to combine the plumbing, electrical, and furnace operations in order to provide a quality job for you.

Lee’s has been in business since 1930 and won several service awards including most recently being named the American Standard 2019 Dealer of the Year.

One of the most overlooked cost savings is having your home heating system last for many years rather than having to replace your system sooner than necessary. Proper heating and air conditioning maintenance will extend the life of your furnace.

Is It Time For a New HVAC System?

The HVAC system is responsible to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. While furnace help heats up the home in cold winter months, the air conditioner makes it easy to keep the home cool during scorching summer months.

Having an efficient HVAC system ensures that your utility bills are kept low while you stay comfortable. If your HVAC system is more than 15 years old, it may be time to consider installing a new high-efficiency model.

Benefits of Installing a Smart HVAC System

There are plenty of benefits of replacing your existing HVAC system with smart HVAC system.

  • Reduced Utility Bills

    When an HVAC system works to its maximum efficiency, you can experience at least 20% reduction in your electricity bills.

  • Cleaner Air

    Installing a smart HVAC system allows you to enjoy cleaner air. As the system is able to detect elevated carbon dioxide levels, it boosts the amount of fresh air, thus providing you with cleaner air.

  • Remote Accessibility

    Smart systems can be controlled with your smartphones or laptops. This gives you the advantage of controlling your HVAC system remotely. Even when you are traveling back to your home, you can switch on the system in your room to enjoy a comfortable temperature.

  • Improved Temperature Variability

    Smart HVAC systems are equipped with a programmable thermostat which makes it easy to control the temperature inside your home. You can easily cool or heat up a particular room without changing the temperature of other rooms.

Always Hire a Licensed Contractor

Lee’s Heating and Air offers professional HVAC installation, heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair services.

If you have any questions about your home or commercial heating and air conditioning, call lee’s now at (801) 467-1561 or just fill out the form on the left to have us get in contact with you right away.