Furnace Filters

Furnace Filters Salt Lake City UtahWhen your air filter gets dirty and grimy this has a significant negative effect on the proper operation of your furnace. Changing your filter is usually a pretty simple process. If you need assistance, the professionals at Lee’s Heating and Air would be happy to help. In fact, right now we have some great furnace tune up specials that include a furnace filter replacement.

Filter replacement is quite inexpensive but it helps your furnace maintain proper air flow. The filters are designed to catch particles and dirt that would cause considerable damage to your furnace if they were not captured in the filtering process. The problem is that once they become full of dirt they can block air flow and negatively impact the efficiency of your air system.

So how often should your furnace filter be changed? The general rule of thumb is at least every 3 months. If you have pets that shed, then the rule is to change the filter on a monthly basis. Furnace filters are only a few dollars each so there is really no reason not to change them often.

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