Do you know heating and cooling home system adds up to 43% of your electricity bill? To make sure you are not spending an unnecessary amount on the HVAC system, it is vital to winterize them.

Winterizing the HVAC system will not only limit downtime during winters; but, will also help you tackle potential problems that could cost a hefty amount in the future. So to ensure your system works perfectly fine and run smoothly, remember to winterize your HVAC system.

  1. Disconnect the Unit
    Your AC unit may still be drawing traces of electricity even when it is switched off. So over a matter of a few months, it can draw a considerable amount of electricity. Therefore, to save your energy bills, remember to disconnect the unit or turn off the breaker.
  2. Clean the Filters and Ducts
    HVAC filters must be cleaned every 30 to 45 days and they should be replaced after 90 days. If you have small children or pets, more frequent cleaning is required. By keeping ducts and filters clean and dirt-free you can dramatically reduce your energy bills. Also, keeping the ducts and filter clean reduce the chances of a disastrous fire that can occur if hot air builds up near combustion obstruction.
  3. Get a Humidifier
    Moist air feels warm and is able to hold the heat better. However, during winters, the indoor air can become very dry. This is when a humidifier can help you feel comfortable during winters. Alternatively, you can also choose to have a collection of houseplants to increase humidity indoors.
  4. Reduce Heat Loss
    While some heat loss is inevitable, you can use some simple steps to trap in a lot of heat and keep your house warm. Seal duct with heat resistant tape and weather strip doors and windows to prevent heat loss. You pay a lot of money to keep your house warm during winters. So any heat lost to draft will cost you more. If you feel a gust of cold air, try to find the source and take measures to block it.
  5. Get a Cover
    Remember to place a cover on the cleaned unit. This will prevent debris, dirt, and dust from entering the system. You can easily purchase one at a home improvement store. If you can’t find a cover, use a tarp and weight down the sides to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the system.
  6. • Schedule a Tune-up
    When it’s cold outside, the last thing you want is a problem with your furnace. Schedule HVAC maintenance and tune-up with professionals to ensure the air ducts, furnace, water heater are all in good condition. Regular tune-ups will help identify the problem before it can result in a costly expenditure.

The Bottom Line
An efficient, fully-functional HVAC system is important for Utah weather. During the freezing winter months, a heating system makes it easy to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. So if you would like to winterize your HVAC system but are not comfortable doing it yourself, call the Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning Company Experts. Give us a call today to winterize your HVAC system!

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