Now is the time to get your A/C system up and running for the summer.  We already saw temperatures in the 80’s this past week and it is projected that this is going to be a very hot summer.  Before you contract with some bargain no name company on craigslist to install a new central air conditioning system in your home, you should read this story first.

Here is a story told to me by Jim Cook, a long time Salt Lake City resident.  Last May, Jim was very interested in getting a new central air system for his home, but was looking for the best deal he could find.  He found an independent company on craigslist who was offering a free furnace with any new central air conditioner purchase.  Since Jim had an old furnace, he thought this was a good deal and hired the company to install his system.

Jim was excited about his new furnace and air conditioner and couldn’t wait for it to get hot so he could test it out.  When the summer heat hit, Jim noticed his furnace was not keeping his home cool.  He would turn it lower and lower and the thing was working its little heart out running 24/7 trying to keep Jim’s home cool.  It should be noted that Jim lives in a very modest home that does not require a special system.  The A/C just wasn’t working effectively.  He was using fans he strategically placed in front of the vents to circulate any cool air that was blowing out of the vents to try and cool the house down but during the afternoons and evenings Jim found himself sweating from blistering heat inside his home.  That bargain Air Conditioner was simply not working.

Turns out, the system was improperly sized, and the air flow to his vents was not set up properly.  Jim had spent a good deal of money and now had a new A/C system that didn’t even work.  Since the installer was an independent company, there was no warranty or service after the sale and unfortunately Jim was stuck.

When shopping for a new Central Air System, don’t make the same mistake as Jim.  Unfortunately, it is no bargain if your HVAC system is not installed by someone who knows what they are doing or backed up by the company so you receive the proper service after the sale.

Jim learned this lesson the hard way, but you don’t have to.  If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area there is no better company to contact than Lee’s Heating and Air Condition.  Lee’s has been in business longer than almost anyone, serving Utah residents since 1930.  The technicians at Lee’s go through regular training and are 100% certified experts in heating and air conditioning systems.

Lee’s recently won the 2014 American Standard Dealer of the Year award for their exceptional performance and quality service.  Lee’s always treats its customers with the highest level of respect and goes above and beyond to get you exactly what you need at the best price possible.  More importantly, Lee’s stands behind their work and will always be there to service your system after the sale.

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