You may have noticed that cool morning feeling in the air that past couple of days.  Surely a sign that fall is in the air and those cold winter nights are just around the corner.  Actually the summer was a bit milder than expected this past summer and was quite enjoyable here in Utah.

Now that Labor Day has passed, it’s time to start thinking about colder days ahead and that is why Lee’s Heating and Air is offering a pre-season fall tune-up special for just $39.  It is inevitable that our service schedule will fill up once those furnaces need to be kicked on for the first time.  Schedule now before the rush and take advantage of a great savings when you schedule your service before September 30th when the price will go up.

A fall furnace tune up is not something you should schedule because you are having a problem with your furnace.  It is something that should be scheduled because you want to avoid any potential problems with your furnace.  Summer time can be brutal on your air filter, especially if you have central air conditioning.  Replacing your furnace filter is certainly one services that you need.  But firing up the furnace for the first time without proper cleaning, and maintenance can cause a wide range of problems that are easily avoided by a simple low cost service call from the experts at Lee’s.

Lee’s technicians are highly trained and certified to diagnose and inspect all furnace makes and models.  Most of Lee’s technicians have been working with us for many years and understand the core values Lee’s Heating and Air was founded on, which is high quality expert service at a fair price.  This is the way Lee’s has been doing business since 1930.

To schedule your pre-season fall tune-up special for just $39 now, call Lee’s Heating and Air at (801) 467-1561, fill out the form on the right of this page, or just visit